Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Finally, a hipster weekend!

I think I'm finally returning to my usual self - seeking out art, music, and free booze :)

Friday: In Bed Together at Royal/T for carolineoncrack;
Du Metier at Daydream Republic

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your friends were all struggling actors and artists and you decided to host a get-together at your house with a REALLY big living room?

The lovely Vivien of Daydream Republic invited me to check out her "REALLY big living room" for the Du Metier event last Friday. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but the $15 entry fee gets you live entertainment, an open bar, and snackies. Vivien was generous enough to comp me a couple of tickets to check it out.

It definitely had an "underground" feel to it as it was way far east on Jefferson Blvd, just before you hit USC-land. Or maybe it just felt that way to me cuz I'm a westsider. A series of actors were performing monologues/spoken word pieces on living as a creative person in LA as a circle of spectators watched. I could see this as a great space for filming or band rehearsing or even a party space for you and 100 of your bffs. They also host several of their own events that sound pretty cool.

Neuro Drinks sponsored the drinks and the gals working that section were quite friendly and the NeuroBliss I tried tasted like lychee and mixed great with vodka and apparently "regulates" appetite.

Saturday: Koream Journal Afterparty for "Unforgettable"
This event was totally not my scene - bunch of "fabulous Asian Americans" strutting around in their finest Italian garb gloating at how famous and awesome they think they are. But I did appreciate the Jinro and Hite open bar and I got to try something new called Black Beer Stout which is pretty cool since Korean beers like Hite and Cass usually taste like piss-water (piss-water holding many fond memories for me FYI). Black Beer Stout was definitely not as full bodied as a Guiness, but I found it similar to the more Amber and brown ales which I prefer anyways.

But the highlight of the night for me was most DEFINITELY getting photographed with the smoking hot Daniel Henney - eeeeeeee! For those not in the know, he is a half Korean half white actor who hit it big in Korea acting in some soap operas and has successfully (so far) transitioned himself to the American stage. I spent 3 hours on Sunday watching Three Rivers on where he is a co-star. Thanks to my buddy clammy for approaching Sr Henney since I was way too chicken - and star struck! - to ask myself.

Monday: Green Day not-so-secret show at Nokia Plaza
We stood for 5 hours in the longest line I have EVER attempted, but it was SOOOO worth it. Green Day has a raucous energy and pounding enthusiasm that 15+years in existence has not squleched. Billie Joe is as charismatic as ever with his unique voice and I still saw the younger audience members excitedly moshing in the center. It was just funny because this was a taping of the Carson Daly Show's New Years Eve special so we all wore NYE hats and noisemakers and even did a countdown! Weird.....


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