Thursday, February 5, 2009

The fauxLAhipster's First February

Can you believe it's already February? And when did it become 2009 anyways? Jan 1, yeah I know... it was a rhetorical question! Sheesh. Anyhoo, now that the post-holiday slump is pretty much over, things finally seem to be picking up again. And aren't you glad we live in sunny california where it's 75F in the winter so we can enjoy these cool sounding events all year long, unlike our chilly counterparts in the East? We could be that guy inside that truck! Yeah, I WANT you to be jealous!!

First Fridays at the Natural History Museum
I write about this event every month, and each month I never make it out. My friend is having a bday gathering here this time around, so maybe that'll be enough motivation to get me to trek out there....maybe. Live music and alcohol surrounded by a bunch of dino-bones is cool. The Bird and The Bee will be performing live as well... and they've got quite the local following so you know they don't suck :) These events fill up fast, so I would recommending getting there as close to 7pm as possible. Believe me, it's not fun when you show up at 8pm and get rejected at the door. I would know!!

Friday, 5:30p - 7pm Lectures and discussions
7pm-10pm Music
Cost: $9 for museum entry
900 Exposition Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90007
(in that ghetto ass part of LA near USC) go bruins!!

Enjoy Human Launch Party
Since this thing got written up as the headliner on, you know it's gonna be filled with starving hipsters who are either too cheap or too poor to buy their own booze, but I love them anyways! Enjoy Human calls themself a "content creation foundation" whatever that means. But who cares, it's FREE BOOZE!! There will be a couple of live bands that you've never heard of there too, but I always think live music is a nice little treat :)

Saturday, 7pm - 2am, 21+
Cost: FREE
2136 Porter Street
Downtown Los Angeles

Metromix's Art Safari

Metromix also published a cool writeup of a bunch of gallery openings going on this weekend so you can hop and traipse your way across the city in genuine faux hipster style!

Saturday, 5pm-10pm varies by gallery
Cost: FREE
Santa Monica, West/Central/East Hollywood, Downtown LA

Grammy Afterparty by Giant
Thanks to my buddy Pierre for this tip. I actually don't know too much about this event, but it's being promoted by Giant as a Grammy Afterparty. Giant events generally have an over-the-top mix of hipsters, underaged wannabes, and professional partiers. It will be held at Elevate Lounge in downtown LA which is a popular and elegant spot (and who doesn't like lounging on rooftops?!) that I've never been to, so I may have to make the trek to DTLA on a Sunday for this one :)

Sunday, 9pm - 3am, 21+
Cost: FREE but you must RSVP
811 Wilshire Blvd.
21st Floor
Downtown Los Angeles

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