Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just another night in Hollywood! Avalon, Blue Palm Brewhouse, El Gran Burrito

Signing up for a million different mailing lists does have its advantages. Like finding out that the Fischer Spooner show I heard about through flavorpill, whose tickets I thought were a bargain at $20, I could actually acquire for FREE! (by the way, that was a really horrible run-on sentence - I know. It's been a while since I've written anything so I'm a bit rusty today :P ). On one of those rare occasions where I actually got to attend an event I wrote about, I braved the long ass line that formed outside of Avalon at 10:20pm for an event whose doors were at 10p. Apparently there was an open bar until 11pm as well that I was hoping to make, but of course I didn't with all the underaged hipsters jonesing to cut in line and me giving them my dirtiest look possible (which is sadly not too dirty, unlike my gf's favorite martini).

Finally we make it inside at 11:10pm, just after open bar, dangit! Oh well.... there was already a huge throng of people inside dancing to the opening dj Dan Oh. Apparently, it was also his birthday, so the whole crowd on the dancefloor sang him happy bday. That was cute. Finally at 11:30pm Fischer Spooner came on and the energy was really pumping. Their mix of synth electro euro dance trance music was just as I expected. Remember those E fueled rave days of yore? Well, they are alive and well here and it was actually kind of refreshing to see people just dancing and moving their bodies without much concern for how cool they looked or whether they're stepping on your feet. My friend and I agreed that if we were both on E, we'd be REALLY loving this place.

Next we went to the Blue Palm Brewhouse which doubles as the "VIP" area of the Henry Fonda Theater. The place itself wasn't particularly notable except that we had a table next to a shuffleboard table and a window. As luck would have it, a car with 2 asian girls pull up, then the girl in the passenger seat starts to barf - on Hollywood Blvd, in front of a bar!!! Classy.... Everyone at the bar rushes to the window, we can't believe our eyes - and our luck to catch such a vision! :D Check out the pix with her shoving her finger down her throat. Bulimia, anyone? muahahahah!!!

Now it's 2am and we're hungry. We're still in Hollywood - what are our options?
1. Hollywood Hotdog aka Tijuana Dog (my favorite name for this thing) aka bacon wrapped 60min-to-burn-on-treadmill dog
2. Good old koreatown - a bit far
3. Thai town - too lazy
4. Tacos - BINGO!!

We headed off to my favorite Hollywood 24hr taco join El Gran Burrito. Like a dirty boyfriend, I just can't get enough of this place. Ever since my friend Andy brought me here, I've been hooked. And at a buck per taco, you can't beat the price either. But what really sells me here is their amazing condiment cart! Not only does it have 3 different kinds of salsa (mild green, med chipotle, and spicy red), but they also have a gree avocado sauce, all the briny bay leaf picked carrots/onions/jalapenos you want, pico de gallo with huge chunks of juicy tomato, and a non-dairy vinegar-based cabbage slaw that is simple perfect with the greasy taco/burrito you'll be shoving down your throat. Can you believe all this late night goodness on this picture cost just $2?? God, I love LA!!

I'll end this post of a little vid I shot outside Blue Palm as a few male patrons decided to go outside to "help the poor girl out". Did the dog stop to eat the puke? You decide....

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