Monday, December 1, 2008

Air France - je t'aime!!!

Most Americans are well aware that domestic airlines have a pretty crappy level of service compared to many of the Asian or European airlines. Well, I wanted this post to be my love note to Air France.

Dear AF,

I can't stop thinking about how awesome you are....

The first time I knew you were something special was when I walked into your lounge at Charles de Gaulle. Not only did you have a huge selection of yummy snacks of assorted cheeses (camambert and a bunch of other French ones I can't prounounce), finger sandwiches and assorted juices and drinks at the ready... you also had a self-service open bar (with champagne!!) across multiple stations. There were many salons serving a variety of purposes including the relaxation room (where you can actually lie down to sleep), a massage room, showers, and a wifi room that also had iMacs to check the internet.

I was already impressed and wanted to spend more time with you here, but it was time to be ushered onto the plane....

You weren't the handsomest plane I had ever met, but once I got to know you better, I knew I was in love....

Shortly after takeoff, we were given little menus with our food offerings. I always think this is a nice touch, especially in the coach cabin to have something to look forward to and know what you're getting. Our first real meal together was a choice of spinach/ricotta canneollni or grilled chicken with wild rice. They were both very good and came with a quinoa salad, wedge of camembert, and a fresh baguette. Dessert was a fig compote and all this was tastefully presented with real glassware and silverware. The George DeBeouf red wine was a disappointment, but we're all allowed the occasional goof up, right? ;)

As you cradled my feet on your foot rests, it was time to watch movies. There were probably at least 50 different movies to choose from that was conveniently listed by genre and language in the back of the in-flight magazine. I settled on waching Broken English (about an American woman falling in love with a French man) and In Bruges (black comedy thriller about 2 British blokes in a small Belgian town). I also tried to watch Step Brothers (but how feasible is it for 2 40yo guys to have parents in their 50s-60s? And that's just the start of the non-sequiturs).

When I was feeling bored and sleepy from the movies, I was able to rest my weary head on your little adjustable headrests. And I was able to wrap myself around your red cotton pillowcase and cozy faux-wool blanket. And when I woke up and was craving a snack, you had in the back in a cold pouch.... OMG Hagen Daaz ice cream bars!!!!!!! It was cool and creamy and as it melted in my mouth, I was in all-consuming bliss. Once wansn't enough, I just had to go back for another :d

After another meal, it was time to say our goodbyes. I wasn't ready to leave you yet, there's still so much more we could've done together.... more movies, more food, more snuggling. But I guess 11 hours together for our first time was probably enough. And I hope to have the pleasure of your company in the near future. Merci, au revior!


ps - Casper van Diem on our flight was a nice touch and a reminder of what's to come in LA. And oh snap, he was there with his whole brood including his milfy wife Catherine Oxenberg. They have cute kids.


Francois said...

LOL! Imagine you grew up with Air France and then you move to the US and have your first United $8 so-called "sandwich"... Ugh! The more I think about it the more I understand what drove me back here ;)

Missing the L.A. weather big time though! Take care! :)

fauxLAhipster said...

well, like all places and things, it has its good and bad parts :)

but 80F in december ain't too bad... haha!