Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stuff to do this week

Since most people are not working(me) or partially working (most others), here's a rundown of stuff going on in LA that I would probably do if I had an endless supply of time, money, and energy.

Tuesday Dec 30
All You Can Drink @ Velvet Room
Korean nightclubs are a unique species indeed. If you've always wanted to try one out, revisit , or just feed your daily clubbing habit, this seems like a good deal to me. AYCD is never a bad thing. And while VR isn't the premiere ktown nightclub like Le Cercle, if memory serves me right from my last visit almost 2 years ago, this place is pretty flash. Expect to see lots of hot underaged asian girls and guys too chicken shit to ask for their numbers without the assistance of "booking."

I would call ahead to either confirm this deal or make a reservation if I were you.

$20 Ladies
$100 Gents

Velvet Room
3470-1 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 381-6006

Wed Dec 31
Giant Maximus
Giant used to be this weekly mega party in Hollywood back when raves where all the rage and people were dropping E and spreading that PLUR bullshit (Peace Love Unity Respect). While Giant is long gone, they do throw some awesome sounding parties each NYE. Been wanting to go every year for some reason. Maybe because of the awesome headlining djs (Paul Oakenfold this year), the idea of a gigantic mass of people just out to have a good time... almost an entire city populations' worth. I will make it out to this, one day....

From their website: Under 3 Climate-Controlled Big Top Arenas, the 3rd Annual GIANT MAXIMUS continues its reign as This Planet's Largest 21+ New Year's Eve Celebration!

Situated on a seven-acre private site in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles with the soaring skyscrapers towering above, GIANT MAXIMUS offers 3 Stages with an indoor capacity of 8,500 and a 1,500 capacity courtyard featuring the ‘Monster Midway,' presented by Monster Energy, with High Flying Acrobatix, Psychedelic Circus Antics, Amusements, Games, Carnival Rides and, of course, the GIANT Ferris Wheel.

Price $75+
7pm - 4am (!!!)
Giant Maximus
835 Francisco St
Los Angeles CA 90017

Thurs Jan 1
Pasadena Tournament of Roses
If you're still sober enough, this is a SoCal institution that I think everyone should experience at least once, kinda like the ball drop in Times Square NYC on NYE. You will likely have to camp there the night before, but even that part of it sounds fun and appealing to me. Especially if you're with the right people and either a winnebago or good camping gear :) I won't be making it out this year (again), but one of these days....

8am - 10:30am
Ellis Street & Orange Grove
Pasadena, CA

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