Monday, December 8, 2008

More fun freebie events around LA proper!!

With the holidays come lots of free booze. Maybe I shouldn't hate christmas so much after all...

Free Wine Tastings at Second City Bistro
SCB is actually one of my favorite "upscale" restaurants in El Segundo. And they have what appears to be a very popular wine tasting every Monday from 6-7pm. The website doesn't appear updated with current info on the wine tastings, so if you're really keen on going, I would call ahead, just to be safe.

Every Monday, 6-7pm
Second City Bistro
223 Richmond St
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 322-6085

Mesh & Lace Launch Party

I love accessories. Mesh & Lace is a new store specializing in gloves... who needs gloves in LA? Who cares? Gloves are awesome, and the boys love them, trust me ;)

Tuesday Dec 9th
Mesh & Lace
3203 Sunset Blvd
Silver Lake

Gen Art Shop by Design
Thanks to my friend Caroline K for this tip! What is normally $30 is now $0 (they must be getting desperate for warm bodies). But for $0, you get a 5hr(!) open bar, runway show, supposedly complimentary spa treatments, and some pretty neato sounding shopping in dowtown LA. Neato!

Thursday Dec 11th
California Market Center
110 E9th St
Los Angeles CA 90015
Free, but you MUST rsvp

Also on Thursday....
Burton Flagship Store Ladies Night
I think I'm actually gonna go to this thing since I need some gear anyways, plus it sounds like fun: giftbags, giveaways, snacks, and a raffle! whee!! Don't forget to rsvp! ;)

Thursday Dec 11th
Burton Snowboards
8175 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 370-1777

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