Monday, December 8, 2008

Bar? Lounge? Club? Who knows....

I had a chance to pay a little visit to a new DTLA nightspot this weekend - The Association.

First off, let me say that the parking in the area can be difficult and wrought with sketch - as in climbing over half-asleep homeless people. So my recommendation is to pay the $5 to park in one of the many nearby lots. It's better than getting a $75 parking ticket like I did :( Always listen to what the sign says, no matter how many idiots are parked on that street!!

Walking in is pretty cool. As other reviews have stated, there's no marking in the front, but it's just right next door to Cole's French Dip which is very clearly marked. The door guy reminded me of a non-gay version of Lance Bass.

Walking in, it was dark, crowded, and loud. There's a bar that runs along the left wall and mirrors and seating on the right wall. The bar was weird b/c the DJ booth is enclosed at the end of the bar. So we were stuck in front of the dj hoping and praying to be noticed by a bartender... which eventually happened about 15-20min later? The seating area has neato crystal hanging things which actually reflect the light in a very sparkly colorful manner that I liked.

There's a pretty wide open area between the bar and the seating areas where random people were congregated trying to talk or dance. The douchebag/hoochie quotient was pretty high here considering it was downtown. But if you want a semi-low-key night of drinking, dancing, and debauchery, this is not a bad choice.

The Association
110 E6th St (bt Spring & Main)
Downtown LA

Photo credit: Ken Hively/LATimes

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